Saturday, October 1, 2011

Erin talking to me from heaven

My Dear Family, I am writing a special letter just to you. I want to tell you not to cry, I've made it safely through. Please know that I am happy sitting here by Jesus' knee. Where all the hosts of heaven sing and worship God with me. It's so beautiful in heaven and so peaceful here I know, that even if I could come back, I wouldn't want to go. The street is paved with purest gold the trees forever green; The river flowing from Gods throne is crystal clear and clean. I have a mansion all my own; I'm filled with joy and praise. I listen to sweet music and my voice in anthems raise. My visions twenty-twenty and my ears hear every sound; I see feet that once were crippled walk firmly on the ground. The old are young and lively; There are no tears to fill my eyes. All the glories God has promised have come true beyond the skies.I have everything I need now so dear family don't feel blue. I'm writing you this letter just to say......I still love you. I'll be waiting here in heaven for us to meet again someday and I pray that you'll stay ready to be quickly caught away. But until the trumpets sounding and the sky is opened wide, Please don't cry for me, my loved ones.......I am safe by Jesus' side. ~Louis  Sariego

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